Interested in a Microsoft Office 365 Phone System?

Do you keep hearing about Microsoft Office 365 Phone Systems,
also referred to as Office 365 Teams Calling and
want to determine if it is a good fit for your business?

Microsoft based phone systems are still relatively new in the market, so if you aren’t completely clear on what is involved, you aren’t the only one.

Microsoft Teams is an excellent collaboration tool and the ability to make outbound calls will allow many organisations to manage all of their communications from the one interface and standardise on one technology platform.

In Australia, there are a limited number of providers who can assist with the procurement of Microsoft Office Teams Calling, the good news is that we are across the major providers in the industry and can step you through the process, ranging from the Office 365 licenses which you will need and through to the phone system requirements.

In the event that you need desk phones in your office, not all VoIP handsets will be compatible, we can recommend Microsoft Teams enabled Phones.

If you need some help in making a decision between a standard on-premise or hosted phone system and a Microsoft Office 365 based phone system because we are vendor independent, we can provide you with unbiased advice without the sales pitch.

The Process is quite easy

  • You will need to have an active Microsoft Office 365 subscription E1 or E3 license, or an Office 365 Enterprise E5 plan, which has a Phone System add-on included.
  • A phone system license and a calling plan, which typically includes a SIP Connection.
  • In the event you need hardware, we can source Microsoft Enabled Voice and Video Hardware, or you can avoid hardware entirely by using the Microsoft Teams client on your smartphone or desktop.
  • Deployment of new phone system and porting of numbers.


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