I have a working phone system, when switching over to the NBN do I have to change it?
This depends if your phone system is NBN ready or NBN enabled, depending on the system you have, assuming there is one available we may need to purchase a module to make your system NBN compatible, but we can help you through the process.
Do I have to convert my PSTN and ISDN lines to SIP/VoIP/Hosted for my existing phone system?
Yes, unfortunately with the introduction of the NBN, the copper network will eventually be decommissioned entirely, therefore all telephony will eventually end up on VoIP. We can work with you to determine how much of your current infrastructure is compatible and how much you need to replace.
Should I buy an on-premise PBX or hosted PBX for my business?
Unfortunately, the answer is “it depends”, as the decision is based on your circumstances. The decision would be based on the number of staff you have at each of your locations, your call patterns and frequency, how your staff work and if they work from home, from different locations or are out of the office a lot. What integrations you have and ultimately what your budget is i.e. if you have budget to buy a phone system with CAPEX or would like to spread your costs over the course of your contract. Both options make sense but depending on your business requirements, we can look at your circumstances and discuss pros and cons and help you decide which path to take moving forward and explain why.
Can I deploy a PBX across a number of sites?
Yes, you can deploy either an on-premise or hosted phone system which can all be linked via a Wide Area Network (WAN), hosted phone systems are particularly easy to deploy across a number of sites, as long as the handsets are setup on the same network with the hosted phone system provider, new handsets just need to be connected to the internet for them to work, which is quite easy for users that might have multiple working locations or work from home. There are a number of effective ways of doing this, so please reach out to us to discuss your operation and requirements in more detail.
Can we work from home and remote sites and still be linked to our office phone system?
Yes, modern phone systems offer great flexibility and scalability, including options for remote and home-based staff. Depending on the solution that you choose i.e. on-premise or hosted, there may be some limitations, namely how much functionality is available when you are working remotely and if it is acceptable for calls to the office to be diverted to mobile. If you want to be able to transfer calls when you are working remotely that might limit your options to hosted solutions, but we can walk you through the options and then you can decide.
What do I need to consider if we are relocating, or growing or downsizing as a business and we have a current phone system?
There are a few factors to consider, including current contracts, internet and voice services, time of the move and the deadline, lead times for telco and data services at the new site, relocation and logistics, install and setup and decommissioning of old services and hardware. If you have an on-premise phone system that you need to relocate to the new site, we can assist you with the logistics. If you have old hardware and would like to procure a new phone system, we can tailor a solution to meet your needs. Our team can help you with all your phone system requirements, including the transition, ensuring that you have a smooth experience and remain operational throughout the change.
Can my phone system integrate with Microsoft Teams and Office 365 to make voice calls?
Yes, there are a number of Teams Calling options which have been released to the market, we would need to find out some more information regarding your current phone system requirements and Microsoft License situation. Once we understand your requirements, we can help you integrate voice services with your Microsoft environment, so please reach out to discuss further.
Can I just use my mobile phone and PC and not have handsets on desks?
Yes, advancements in hosted phone systems have provided some easy and effective options of having a fixed line number where you do not have to have a desk phone or any hardware/PBX on site. You can have an application on your computer and mobile device to make and receive calls.
What maintenance and support do I need for my existing phone system?
Depending on the system, solution and brand, the maintenance and support can vary dramatically. This needs to be considered before purchasing a new system. It is important to consider the total cost of ownership rather than something that looks attractive on paper compared to your current bills. i.e. maintenance and support on an on-premise phone system can vary quite significantly in comparison to hosted solutions. We can help you work through the different options and pricing.
Am I being overcharged for a phone system on 3, 4- and 5-year contract?
Signing a long term agreement does not always mean you are being overcharged, in some cases you might have received better pricing for signing a longer term contract, however, if you have signed a long term agreement without fully understanding the total contract value in comparison with market rates you are opening yourself up to the risk of being overcharged. Before you sign any agreements that you are not certain about, we can provide you with some comparable options, point out any areas in your current agreement that might not be in your favour and present a range of options based on features and price.
Can I integrate my phone system to a CRM or contact centre solution?
Yes, many modern phone systems provide integration options to a number of other software solutions, including CRMs and contact centre solutions. If you are looking at purchasing a new phone system and have a CRM or contact centre that you need to integrate with, it’s best to check compatibility prior to making a decision, as the phone system might not integrate with your software properly and not be as feature rich as it could be.

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